Part III: Dempsey’s Engagement


Part 3 – Dempsey’s Engagement
Series: A Year in the Life of a Disenfranchised Rich Girl
Author: Kandie Stixx
Edited by Once Upon a Midnight Dreary


It’s time to face facts.

Dempsey is getting married and it’s not to Ashleigh but there’s time left. He’s not married yet…as Ashleigh plots to turn Dempsey’s eye at his own engagement, something changes.

She starts to see things she didn’t before and by the end of the night she’s entranced by another man.

A man she shouldn’t like, but it’s inevitable…

Could her obsession with Dempsey be the dream she was worried would fade if she didn’t act on it? Could it be that she was feeling things for someone else?

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