Part I: New Year’s Day

A Year in the Lifeof a Disenfranchised Rich Girl

Part 1 – New Year’s Day

Series: A Year in the Life of a Disenfranchised Rich Girl
Written by Kandie Stixx
Edited by Once Upon a Midnight Dreary


Ashleigh’s life is a mess. She’s woken up on New Year’s Day in the bed of a complete stranger and without a memory of where she actually was, must now find her way home.

She’s in luck. A familiar car is parked around the corner, only it’s the brother of her ex-boyfriend, the ex she is still very much in love with, and this brother hates her to the end of the earth.

Her only option is to get him to drive her home, only he doesn’t want to drive that far. He’s willing to drop her off at her mother’s house though – the mother who disapproves of everything her daughter does – looking like she’s slept in a gutter.

Just great.

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