A Year in the Life of a Disenfranchised Rich Girl

This is my 2018 project!

Each part will be published when it aligns with the event that happens to the character throughout the year.

Subscribers will get the goods for free through instafreebie but if you don’t want to sign up, you can always purchase through your favourite e-book retailer.


The Schedule is as:


Part 1: New Year’s Day
Part 2: Australia Day
Part 3: Dempsey’s Engagement
Part 4: Valentine’s Day
Part 5: St. Patrick’s Day
Part 6: Easter
Part 7: Mother’s Day
Part 8: Girl’s Weekend Away (currently being published)
Part 9: The Favour (coming August)
Part 10: Ash’s Birthday (coming August)
Part 11: Father’s Day (coming September)
Part 12: Halloween (coming October)
Part 13: Dempsey’s Wedding (coming November)
Part 14: Aunt Donna’s Funeral (coming November)
Part 15: Thanksgiving (coming November)
Part 16: Christmas (coming December)
Part 17: New Year’s Eve (coming December)

Part 18: Special Bonus Untitled (coming December)