Woo hoo!

Well, today I published the first part to the A Year in the Life of a Disenfranchised Rich Girl. Subscribers can read through instafreebie as a gift for being subscribers otherwise you can purchase from a few different retailers.

For some reason, Kobo wants to up the price to 1.99 but I want to keep it at 99c. Amazon have allowed for it (that’s gotta be a first!).

I’m pretty excited about this book event which is what I’m calling it. It’ll span 12 months in this characters life, some months will have two parts so it’ll keep me busy. On top of that I have my monthly magazine to run and my other pen name has a few releases slotted for this year as well as working the 9-5!

Anyway, yay for release days! I did it a day early because I foresee me having a lot of sleeping to do tomorrow!

See you all next year 😉

xo Kandie ox